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Here are some of my other females: Cindy and Jezabell both Blue-Brindles.  Jezabell just won the WTDA World Youth Squirrel Hunt with my son Clayton Luyster. My daughter won Res. World Youth Squirrel Champion with the little Red dog for the 2nd time. (Luyster's Little Dot) Top is Jezabell out of Bill Cramer's Magnum Buckshot and Thunder Blue Mist. Blue Mist is full sister to Allen Franklin's Ranger-Tony Well's Tugger and more Jukebox Julie and Franklin's Thunder bred. Buckshot is out of Cramer's Minnie Magnum {Buckshot Willie} and Jay Overholt's Dead -End Hawkeye.(Toot's breeding- Mtn. JaCKSON-jUKEBOX}

Dave Luyster 740-945-0306 . Here is Cindy on tree out of Duke and Jewel.